Tune ServiceNow to Run Faster

When software is slow, it becomes cumbersome for people to do their jobs and causes user frustration. Whether it’s executive staff looking at reports or an end user transacting with a ticket, increasing the speed of your ServiceNow instance showcases the speed of your applications and the transforming power of the ServiceNow platform.


A professional services engagement with Dotwalk includes the following:

  • Profile your instance to give you metrics to track over time
  • Provide fixes to improve performance
  • Partner with your development team on a weekly call
  • Maintain performance improvements during software releases and platform upgrades

How it Works

Performance SLA services provide critical fixes to your implementation. DotWalk software and services improve performance without changing behavior. We partner with your development team to do the following:

We provide reports to run in production to gather your current performance statistics - from these statistics we define a performance baseline that states: the average page load time is “X milliseconds”.

Choose a desired percentage improvement under your baseline, i.e. “make my pages load 25% faster”.

Schedule a recurring meeting to provide visibility into the current impact of performance on the users of your instance.

With access to a subprod, we’ll iteratively make tactical changes to your implementation to improve its performance. Each week we’ll partner with your development team to validate these changes and assimilate them into your release cycle. These changes are your IP.

We'll recommend the incorporation of our software (i.e. our caching solution) to achieve additional improvements.

We document the average page load time across your instance on a monthly basis; then take the difference of that number from the baseline to determine what percentage improvement you achieved for that month.

Why Choose Us


Subscribing to the Performance SLA comes with little risk. Billings come only from performance improvements that we achieve in production and maintain each month.


We significantly contributed to building the ServiceNow platform as developers and have been some of the primary escalation contacts for the most complex customer outages during our tenure at ServiceNow.


Our knowledge of best practices as well as our software are powerful tools to add to the utility belt of your development team.


"Performance is much like security: it is an ongoing effort that should be incorporated into the development lifecycle."

Achieving meaningful performance improvements is difficult, but maintaining improvements through software releases and ServiceNow upgrades is an even greater challenge. Performance SLA services pricing accounts for both the initial increase in speed as well as the continued improvement over time.

Flat Rate

$ 5k / mo

Retainer to cover time spent analyzing performance, providing visibility and reports to management, and conversing with your development team to drive change and knowledge transfer.

Tiered Pricing Example*

5% faster than baseline: $ 2k / mo
10% faster than baseline: $ 4k / mo
15% faster than baseline: $ 8k / mo
20% faster than baseline: $ 12k / mo
25% faster than baseline: $ 20k / mo

A tiered pricing model for performance improvements achieved. We bill you each month based on the percentage improvement (under the baseline) we maintained for that month, not exceeding the largest percentage improvement you agreed to pay for.

* In this example, if we achieved a 10% performance improvement for a month, that month we would bill you $5k (flat rate) + $4k (tiered pricing) = $9k.

Our goal in pricing this service is to align incentives such that we can achieve the best possible outcome for both parties.

When we begin our initial conversations, we’ll provide reports for you to run in production to gather statistics provided by the ServiceNow platform that indicate your average page load time (your baseline), as well as other metrics. These statistics will indicate the effort required to achieve and maintain performance improvements on your instance, and thus will be used to derive the tiered pricing model.

Start With A Baseline