Scheduling Tests with DotWalk Cloud

This document is a guide on how to run test suites with DotWalk's Cloud Test Runner infrastructure. If you are having trouble scheduling tests with DotWalk's cloud infrastructure, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to the Suites Module

  • First use the filter navigator to search "Automated Test Framework". Within the Automated Test Framework application select the "Suites" module.

2. Select the Suite You Wish to Run

  • When you select "Suites" a table should open up in the Content Frame. From this table select the test suite you wish to run. This does not have to be a test suite generated by Bootstrap. DotWalk's testing infrastructure supports all test suites created in the Automated Test Framework for ServiceNow, not only the tests generated by Bootstrap.

3. Click Run in the Dotwalk Cloud

  • Select the test suite you wish to schedule. Then click the "Run in Dotwalk Cloud" button.

4. Click Schedule Tests

  • Click the schedule tests button. If you see a popup asking for credentials, see the adding an admin user tutorial to setup an admin user for Bootstrap to use. This only has to be done once.

5. Create Scheduled Tests Run

  • Fill out the form with the information required. When finished hit the create button, and the scheduled test run will be created automatically for you.