Scheduling Tests with DotWalk Cloud

This document is a guide on how to run test suites with DotWalk's Cloud Test Runner infrastructure. If you are having trouble scheduling tests with DotWalk's cloud infrastructure, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to the Suites Module

  • First use the filter navigator to search "Automated Test Framework". Within the Automated Test Framework application select the "Suites" module.

2. Copy the System ID

  • Find the test you wish to schedule. If it is not visible on the first page, you can use the table's filter to search the testing suites. Right-click the test suite which you want to schedule. In the menu which appears, select "Copy sys_id". You will need this at the end, so make sure it stays in your clipboard.

3. Navigate to Scheduled Jobs

  • Use the filter navigator to search "scheduled jobs". Under the System Definition application select the Scheduled Jobs module.

4. Create a New Entry in Scheduled Jobs

  • Click the "New" button to create a new entry in the Scheduled Jobs table.

5. Automate a Script

  • Select "Automatically run a script of your choosing" from the list which appears.

6. Enter Script

  • Name the job something relevant, the specifics of which do not matter. You can set the settings to schedule the time you wish. At the bottom type the following \ as the script to run:

    new x_dow_commons.DW.AtfBootstrap.TestRunner().queueSuite("YOUR SYS_ID HERE IN QUOTES", true);

    This line must be typed exactly, so if you wish to copy and paste it make sure you do not lose the sys_id currently in the clipboard by pasting it in a text document.

7. Paste sys_id

  • Now replace the "current.sys_id" with the id you copied in step 2. Place the sys_id within quotations. Hit submit and you are finished scheduling a test suite using DotWalk's Cloud Test Runner.