Running the Tests

This is a guide for how to run tests using the DotWalk cloud infrastructure. The DotWalk infrastructure is capable of running any tests within the Automated Test Framework of ServiceNow. This means it is not limited to running tests generated by BootStrap. If you are having trouble running tests, follow the guide below.

1. Find the Automated Test Framework

  • The first step is to search for the "Automated Test Framework" in the filter navigator. Once you do this, you should see an application entitled "Automated Test Framework (ATF)". Click on this application, and you should now see a set of modules that appear below the application.

2. Find the Suites Module

  • From this set of modules select the one labeled "Suites".

3. Select the Suite You Wish to Run

  • When you select "Suites" a table should open up in the Content Frame. From this table select the test suite you wish to run. This does not have to be a test suite generated by Bootstrap. DotWalk's testing infrastructure supports all test suites created in the Automated Test Framework for ServiceNow, not only the tests generated by Bootstrap.

4. Run the Tests

  • In the test suite you selected, now select "Run in DotWalk cloud". DotWalk's cloud infrastructure provides a fast and reliable alternative to ServiceNow. Using DotWalk's cloud infrastructure also means that you no longer have to leave the browser open for the tests to run. If you prefer, you can still run the tests using the standard ServiceNow Automated Testing Framework by selecting "Run Test Suite", but ensure that the tab running the tests remains open until all the tests are run to completion.

  • Once you begin running tests in the DotWalk cloud, the screen should turn opaque, and you will see a message at the top which states "Running Transaction". This is normal. If you remain on this page it will automatically redirect you to the "Test Results" module when finished. Elsewise, if you close the tab, you can see step 5 for directions on how to navigate there

5. View the Results

  • You have now finished running your tests! Depending on the number of tests you are running, they could take quite a while to complete. Once the tests have finished running, you can see the results by clicking the "Test Results" module under the "Automated Test Framework (ATF)" application in the application navigator on the left-hand side of your screen.