Generating Tests with Bootstrap

This document is a guide on how to generate a test suite with Bootstrap. If you are having trouble generating tests with Bootstrap, follow the steps below.

1. Navigate to Bootstrap

  • Generating tests with Bootstrap is designed to be simple. First search for "Bootstrap" in the filter. Once Bootstrap comes up, click on the Bootstrap application to open the list of modules. Click the module entitled "Generator".

2. Generate the Tests

  • Clicking the "Generator" module should open a new tab that looks like this image. If you would like, you can click the advanced checkbox to control the maximum number of tests generated or the table on which tests are generated. When ready click "Submit" to begin test generation. That's it! Bootstrap has begun generating tests on your instance, and no further action is required! You do not need to keep this page open while Bootstrap generates tests for your instance. When Bootstrap finishes generating tests the loading bar will disappear. If you receive an error that mentions "x_dow_common" you must add Bootstrap as an admin user to your instance.