Installing the Bootstrap Demo

This document is a guide to installing the Bootstrap demo onto the free demo instance provided by ServiceNow. If you are having trouble installing the Bootstrap Demo, follow the steps below.

1. Signing up for an Account

  • First go to the demo sign-up page. For the bootstrap demo, we require that you use a work email, and not your personal email. Please fill out the form with the relevant information. Once you have finished filling out the form hit the submit button.

  • Once submitted you should receive a confirmation email within a few minutes to continue the sign-up process. If you do not receive an email please check your spam folder. If you are still unable to find it please contact us at

2. Setting your password

  • When you click the link, you should be taken to a screen to enter a password for your new account. Please enter your password carefully and ensure it is correct before hitting the submit button. After submitting, you should be taken to a new page.

3. Installation Form

  • You should now see an installation form on your screen. You will need to enter the instance name, admin name, and admin password for the demo instance you want to install on.

4. Sign up for a ServiceNow Account

  • If you do not have a demo instance of ServiceNow please visit the ServiceNow website in a new tab to create a free account and obtain a demo instance. If you already have a demo instance skip to step 6. Click the "Sign up and Start Building" to sign up for a ServiceNow account.

5. Request a Demo Instance

  • Once you have created a ServiceNow account you should be taken to another screen. Click the button labeled "Request an Instance" to obtain an instance. This should cause a popup to appear, which should have the information you need about your instance to continue with the demo installation. Do not close this page until you have copied the information into the Bootstrap installation form.

6. Give Bootstrap the Credentials to Access your Instance

  • In the popup that appeared after requesting your instance of ServiceNow copy the relevant information to the Bootstrap installation page. The admin user name and admin user password are the username and password listed in the popup. The name of your instance is the section of the URL indicated in the image. Once you have entered all the relevant information. Press the submit button. It is normal for this process to take a few minutes to finish so please be patient. If the installation fails please verify that the IP Address Access Control plugin is not blocking Bootstrap from connecting to your instance. If it is, you must grant Bootstrap access to your instance. On a non-demo version of Bootstrap, you will likely want to set up an admin user specifically for Bootstrap, rather than use the default.