Installing Bootstrap

This document provides instructions for how to install a version of Bootstrap onto your ServiceNow instance. If you are having trouble installing Bootstrap, follow the steps below.

1. Go to the Installation Page

  • Go to the installation page. This page can be accessed either at the pages page, or via the navigation bar on the side. You are required to be logged in to access this page. Once you are on this page click the "Instance" search bar.

2. Select an Instance

  • Select the ServiceNow instance which you wish to install Bootstrap onto. If you do not see the instance here that you want to install on, please contact us at

3. Fill Out the Form

  • The instance name should be automatically filled out for you. You can click the "Instance Name" entry to change it if you wish. Click on the "Build" entry to select the version of Bootstrap you wish to install. Finally, enter the admin username and admin password for the instance of Service Now. If you are having trouble setting up an admin user for Bootstrap see the Adding an Admin User tutorial. Click "Install" once all your information is entered. This process may take a few minutes so please be patient.