AI-Powered Testing for ServiceNow

Bootstrap generates detailed automated tests from real usage patterns. Tests run in ServiceNow’s "Automated Testing Framework”, reducing the effort of testing ServiceNow upgrades, simplifying software release testing, and enabling nightly testing for development.

Instantly Increase Test Coverage

  • AI generates tests from real usage patterns
  • Leverage simple UI to define areas of focus

Re-define Quality

  • Catch more bugs before they hit production
  • Enable engineers to spend more time solving harder problems
  • Achieve an unparalleled level of reliability and polish

Simplify Test Maintenance

  • Generate and re-generate tests in minutes
  • Test generation adapts to new usage patterns
  • Easily enhance tests for complicated use cases

Reduce Time to Upgrade ServiceNow

  • Decrease upgrade testing cost through automation
  • Increase adoption of ServiceNow platform features
  • Stay current with platform security patches

How? It Works!

Profile Your Application

Bootstrap profiles your application by analyzing the data in the tables of your application.

It generates data that defines user-role combinations; including the type and quantity of data they enter into each table in the application.

To start, Bootstrap asks you to indicate which tables should be profiled.

Specify Test Coverage

Bootstrap gives you control to define test coverage. Select which user profiles you are interested in testing per table.

Then choose the form views you would like to test in respect to these user profiles.

These coverage options determine the quantity of test cases. Test case depth and granularity are determined by real usage patterns of your application.

Generate a Test Suite

Bootstrap combines test coverage specification with table and user profile data to generate tests that declare the current behavior of your application and stick them in an ATF test suite.

It generates form-driven, automated tests that leverage ServiceNow's Automated Testing Framework to simulate user data entry and organically exercise all ensuing business logic.

The value is in the test steps generated, as they exhaustively replicate real user data entry and intelligently catch errors on the client and server.

With this broad yet deep coverage that describes the business logic of your application, catching regressions (from software releases or platform upgrades) becomes as simple running ATF test suites.



Demo Free
Crawl $2,500 / year
1 - 1,000
Walk $7,500 / year
Run $20,000 / year
5,001 - 9,999
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