• Announcing Bootstrap Test Generator v3.0

Announcing Bootstrap Test Generator v3.0

Solana Beach, CA. | Sep 23rd 2021

DotWalk is proud to announce the release of version 3 of its one-click regression testing tool for ServiceNow. Version 3 includes many improvements including simple test execution scheduling, automatic recovery of crashed jobs, and increased regression testing coverage.

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We go into detail about our many changes and have included detailed release notes below.

User Experience

We've introduced a new test scheduling page that makes scheduling tests easier than ever. Suites can be scheduled to run at any interval you want with the click of a button. When tests are scheduled customers find bugs sooner reducing impact to release schedules. Discover errors as close to introduction as possible, with weekly or even daily test runs.


With Version 3, ​​test generation speed is approximately twice as fast as in previous versions. Faster test generation means customers can compress timelines around fresh generations of tests, particularly around testing upgrades.


Moreover, not only is generation faster, it is more comprehensive. We have increased the use case coverage. With our new more detailed and varied use cases you can be more confident than you've ever been that your updates are working. DotWalk now does an even better job of simulating detailed workflows and preventing false alarms for server side errors that were happening prior to an upgrade but where the text has changed.


Version 3 DotWalk adds automatic crash recovery so that if any issues causes your test generations or test executions to crash it will automatically restart. and resume at the position it had left off at.

Detailed Release Notes

    • Expanded use case discovery by better detecting additional role combinations

    • Increased the number of parallel browsers for test generation, significantly increasing the speed

    • Reworked server error detection for better error identification

    • New test scheduling page, vastly easier test suite scheduling

    • New scheduled job for automatic resumption of test generation and test running

    • Reduced number of times test generation will try to prune and re-run failing tests

Bug Fixes:

    • Ensure scheduled jobs are unique and are maintained across installs

    • Ensure cleanup steps only run once

    • Automatically filter more system tables from test generation

    • Ensure max per table setting is always respected

    • Stop test generation from being kicked off on run with no use cases