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Solana Beach, CA. | Feb 11th 2020
1. Review ServiceNow’s Upgrade Documentation

The documentation on ServiceNow’s site is comprehensive. In addition to documentation, there is a vibrant, active community of users where both common and edge-case scenarios are thoughtfully discussed. Follow these general principles to govern your upgrade: Learn, Prepare, Upgrade

2. Align with a ServiceNow Partner

There is a quality partner in the global ServiceNow ecosystem that can help service your unique needs. There are partners that specialize in specific applications, full-service partners with years of history and broad expertise, and regional partners across the globe. Find a partner that best fits your organizational goals on ServiceNow’s website.

3. Automate Regression Testing

Stop wasting times and money on manual testing. Let DotWalk's AI do the work humans shouldn't. DotWalk can create an ATF test suite in a day. There is only one product on the market that operates natively on your ServiceNow instance and is a complementary technology to ServiceNow’s own Automated Test Framework (ATF). DotWalk’s Bootstrap software is an innovative solution that will save your organization innumerable hours typically consumed by manual testing.

4. Adopt an Annual Upgrade Strategy and Plan Accordingly

ServiceNow provides two major releases annually. These releases contain valuable enhancements and innovative new features that your users desire. ServiceNow is actively campaigning (for the right reasons) to have all customers operating the current release or N-1. The previous three best practices eliminate the burden of upgrades, enable faster transitions from one version to the next and ultimately, incorporating these fundamental recommendations ease all future release upgrades.

5. Celebrate an Upgrade within your Organization

Who doesn’t like cake? Celebrate the power of the platform and the benefits to the organization and its employees. A loved ServiceNow tradition is to celebrate a go-live with a cake. Whether you upgrade your instance once or twice a year, take the time to appreciate your team and the power of the platform as a positive influence on your organization. Yes, upgrades can be complex but with preparation, the right partner and quality automation software the project becomes much easier.

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