Press Release: San Diego Software Startup DotWalk, Inc. Builds a Global Partner Network to Deliver AI-Powered Test Generation to ServiceNow Customers

Solana Beach, CA. | Jun 13th 2019

DotWalk's executive team consists of former ServiceNow leaders who are committed to serving customers and solving complex challenges of operating what is regarded as one of the world's most innovative enterprise platforms. DotWalk leverages the ServiceNow partner ecosystem's deep relationships and broad understanding of the platform to deliver its solution to the market.

"Partners are critically important to the success of our company and our ability to deliver our transformative software to the market," states DotWalk's Vice President of Sales and Business Development Mark Deatherage. DotWalk provides generous pricing incentives to partners which include entitlement to annual renewals and world-class product support.

The company is experiencing incredible growth after launching its flagship product "Bootstrap" in March 2019. During ServiceNow's annual customer Knowledge Conference, the DotWalk team dedicated its time to demonstrating Bootstrap and the positive impact the software has on increasing test coverage while also decreasing the time to implement, patch, upgrade or add applications to the ServiceNow platform.

"The response from partners and customers to our technology is fantastic," states DotWalk co-founder and Chief Product Officer Brent Bahry. "Within the first few minutes of demonstrating the software there is an 'Aha!' moment for those who have traditionally tested ServiceNow with legacy tools or time-consuming manual processes." DotWalk replaces manual work and dependencies on User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with a patented-IP AI engine that defines what to test and generates tests in minutes versus hours or days.

Co-Founder and CEO Jared Laethem adds, "With the stratospheric growth of ServiceNow, partners need tools that enable faster implementations of the platform without sacrificing high quality work." Savvy partners utilize DotWalk Bootstrap software on every customer engagement and at every phase of service delivery. Partners also resell the software to end users so that tests can be generated and edited seamlessly during the annual subscription to DotWalk.

"We are fortunate to have such an incredible partner ecosystem." Mr. Bahry adds, "Our partners earn the trust of customers and we deeply respect those relationships and utilize customer feedback in prioritizing our product development."

About DotWalk Software

DotWalk provides enterprise software and services for the ServiceNow platform. DotWalk accelerates a customer's digital transformation journey. With the release of "Bootstrap" software, the company augments its existing portfolio of software and services to increase ServiceNow platform performance.


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