Press Release: Announcing Bootstrap - AI-powered Automated Testing for ServiceNow

Solana Beach, CA. | Mar 6th 2019

DotWalk’s AI-Powered Automated Testing Software Instantly Increases Your ServiceNow Test Coverage, Reducing Time to Upgrade.

Failing to catch bugs before they make it to production has a high cost for businesses and a negative impact on end-user experience. According to a study conducted by the US government National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), inadequate tools and failures due to manual software testing methods cost businesses globally more than $50 billion. High-quality test coverage is absolutely necessary to enable frequent and stable software releases

DotWalk introduces Bootstrap, AI-powered automated test creation. Bootstrap generates hundreds of tests based on your users' actual usage patterns, that greatly reduces software errors by increasing test coverage. Tests run in the ServiceNow “Automated Testing Framework”. Bootstrap saves companies time and money that would otherwise need to be invested in manual test creation. Once the tests are created they can be run on the ServiceNow “Automated Testing Framework” for validating version releases, patches, update set deployments and nightly testing.

DotWalk’s founders are former ServiceNow engineering leaders who understand the power and complexity of the platform and appreciate the challenges faced by enterprises. With Bootstrap, DotWalk engineers provide a paradigm shift in ServiceNow testing by designing Bootstrap to enable engineers to focus on testing real use cases rather than just testing code. “Bootstrap doesn’t just create tests. It determines the most frequently used workflows of your instance and allows you to specify the scenarios you’d like to generate tests for with the click of a button,” says DotWalk CEO, Jared Laethem.

Free your company engineering resources to focus on the difficult corner cases that give your applications the level of reliability and polish achieved by few in the industry. Upgrade and utilize new cutting-edge features of the ServiceNow platform at a fraction of the cost. Check out the workflow of Bootstrap.

About DotWalk Software

DotWalk provides enterprise software and services for the ServiceNow platform. DotWalk accelerates a customer’s digital transformation journey. With the release of “Bootstrap” software, the company augments its existing portfolio of software and services to increase ServiceNow platform performance.


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