ServiceNow to aquire DotWalk to make upgrading easier for everyone.

Reduce time to Upgrade ServiceNow by 50%


No other company solves the problem of time-consuming ServiceNow upgrade testing like DotWalk
Bootstrap Makes your ServiceNow Upgrade Simple
  • Generate tests pre-upgrade

    Generating your tests is as simple as the click of a button

  • Upgrade

    Upgrade a sub-production instance with your intended upgrade target

  • One click to run your tests

    Run tests post upgrade and review results in DotWalk upgrade report

DotWalk Transforms Your ServiceNow Testing

Regression testing with DotWalk instantly transforms your use of the ServiceNow Platform

  • Simplicity

    Determines your test cases and writes automated tests to test them

  • Purpose Built

    Bootstrap runs natively in ServiceNow

  • Instant Results

    Instant results without huge time investments

  • Powerful

    Sophisticated regression testing, including fully automated error detection and behavior change sensing

  • Detailed

    Detailed coverage you could never afford to manually automate

  • Value

    No implementation necessary. Reap the benefits of automation immediately

“I did an upgrade in a week, and I’ve never in my entire ServiceNow career done that”

- SN Admin at IT Services Company
Why Automate ServiceNow Testing?

Companies deploying ServiceNow are adopting Automated Testing to improve how they test their ServiceNow upgrades and update sets. Where previously they may have been engaging end-users in UAT testing to help them test, automation brings a far greater degree of governance, control and quality.

  • Image of man trying to stop time
    Save Valuable Time

    Manually testing every form and workflow is time-consuming

  • bug under a magnifying glass
    Improve Quality

    Manually testing for hours is a mundane task thus error prone

  • Image of robot

    Automation runs unattended. Its fast. Repeatable. Predicable. Convenient!

  • checklist
    Increase Test Coverage

    Automation ultimately leads to increased coverage as time investments in testing are made more efficiently

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